Friday, November 17, 2006

PLAI STRLC Newsletter

Since 2005 PLAI-STRLC has been producing its newsletter. Due to lack of enough funds, the officers were not able to reproduce the copies for distribution to fellow STRLC librarians. But because of technology, we found another way to publish our newsletter...through the blog. Included in this post is our latest issue of the PLAI Newsletter. For those interested to view also our past issues, links to them are also provided.

For your comments and suggestions and contributions, please feel free to email plaistrlc_secretariat(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)ph. Thank you.

PLAI-STRLC Newsletter v4#1

PLAI-STRLC Newsletter v2#4

PLAI-STRLC Newsletter v2#3

PLAI-STRLC Newsletter v2#2

PLAI-STRLC Newsletter v2#1

PLAI-STRLC Newsletter v1#4

PLAI-STRLC Newsletter v1#1-3

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