Sunday, September 21, 2008

Site Advisory -- Google Chrome

Last August 21, 2007 , we recommended "this blog is best viewed in Firefox". For the last 3 weeks, we tested the new browser (beta) called Google Chrome. We were so impressed that we are now revising our site advisory to read "This page is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

What's cool about this new browser is that it is installed (default) in Filipino language if your IP address is detected coming from the Philippines. Anyone could easily change this setting to English (U.S.) or whatever supported language you prefer for that matter. We must confess that a momentary confusion of what to click slowed us down the first time we tried it because the language of the browser was in Filipino [Filipino Google?] and not used to installing/clicking it that way. Another cool feature is this sneak browsing mode wherein if you enabled this feature (incognito mode) all your visited website(s) will not be recorded in your history file. In due time, with more plug-in are created for Chrome, it will beat its competitor in "performance, features and user experience".

So what are you waiting for, download this sleek browser and get a first hand feel of what we are talking about!

Ooops ... in case you are not aware, there are other worthy browsers aside from IE or Firefox like Opera, Safari to choose from.

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