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December 15, 2008

Ooops ... forgot to publish this post earlier as drafted. Better late than never! Thank you vhic for your comment posted last December 10, 2008 about the existence of PLAI-EVRLC blog. You see as of December 7, 2008 we have prepared the update of Regional Council Blogs but due to confluence of events this merry season of December, peer reviewing of draft articles (an internal blogsite rule we adopted as form of quality control) takes a back seat due to task of equal importance at our own individual institutions. Below is the abridged version of that draft article deleting the other paragraphs that requires colleague's peer review before publication.

December 7, 2008

Received an email today informing me among others that PLAI : Eastern Visayas Region Librarians Council has a blog presence since January 2008. In view of this information, we are revising our post of of November 25, 2008 regarding PLAI Regional Council Blogs and PLAI-EVRLC is the 5th Regional Council with online presence and PLAI-ZPRLC as the 6th using the date of the first posted article as point of reference of online/blog presence.

The online presence of Regional Councils (RC) provide a real-time dissimination of their activities within and outside the region. Colleagues from other RC could benchmark their planned activities, duplicate/replicate/re-echo events based on what been done (or not being done) in other council. The accrued benefits of this horizontal approach (insted of top-to-botttom) to effecting changes in our beloved association is now bearing fruits. More & more younger & IT literate colleagues are connected at the grassroot level and in due time, its impact will be felt at the national level of our beloved PLAI.

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