Thursday, February 12, 2009

JURN Index

A handy tool for librarians searching the growing list of free scholarly / open-access ejournals in the arts and humanities field is now online. Click here (or the image above) to try it. Quick searching this index shows that Kritika at Kultura (1656-152x) published by the Ateneo De Manila University is included among the indexed journals from the Philippines. Hopefully other scholarly ejournals from our country will be included later. Philippine Humanities Review of University of the Philippines Diliman is not yet included because as of this date, articles are not readable online except the TOC.

From the JURN blog:

What’s not in the mix? The closed “paid-for” ejournals (on Muse, Sage, Blackwell, Intellect, etc) are not indexed. The “buffet style” article-banks, such as and similar, are not indexed. Flash-heavy websites have a hard time being indexed by Google even if they’re in the mix. Some journals are not yet indexed by Google, and some URLs “hide” the actual articles in various ways (e.g. hard image scans of journal pages). Journals in languages other than English are not heavily indexed, and JURN aims to cover only English-language journals. Full-text conference proceedings are not indexed, but may be added at some future date. About six sites were removed during my scrutiny of test searches, since they were of poor quality (dubious art sales sites, fashion mags, etc).

JURN is not accepting submissions, but will track and add new URLs from Intute, DOAJ, and other trusted sources.

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