Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PLAI National Congress - Opening

The venue of the PLAI National Congress 2009 is capable of wifi access but unfortunately it is not free for the participants and the cost per day per unit is rather exorbitant. Fellow blogger in the participants vowed to limit mentioning (if not at all) the name of the hotel in their posting to deny them of free advertising.

We are forced to use our own internet connectivity (e.g. Smart Bro) but for some strange reasons, our cell phones shows strong Smart signal in the session hall but the Smart Bro are weak resulting to frequent disconnection and it is taking so long to upload pictures.

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Anonymous said...

am a license librarian from samar, how may i involve with the PLAI Orgaization? how to register and to become a member of PLAI?

txt me how to reg. here is my number 09291892826

tanx and more power...