Friday, December 11, 2009

Practical School Librarianship Seminar

News clipping below was taken from the IRRI Bulletin no. 2009.45 issue of 23-27 November 2009. It is noteworthy to reproduce it here for the information of other colleagues in the region. It seems that other stakeholders in learning/education sectors are doing their share of helping our beloved profession (e.g. IRRI-CERS) uplifted our skills and competence to better serve our communities.

Another noteworthy in the articles is the involvement of Ms Mila Medina Ramos, Chief Librarian of the IRRI Library, serving as resource speaker in a seminar. She is one of the two PLAI-STRLC colleagues in the region recently honored by the Council during its Annual General Assembly held last October 9, 2009 at the Eastern Manila Hotel & Training Center, Antipolo City. One of the recipient of the first ever PLAI-STRLC Distinguished Librarian Awards. The citation in the given plaque reads:

Mila Medina-Ramos
...for her active involvement and noteworthy contribution in the field of agricultural librarianship both locally and internationally, thus, earning for her prestigious awards including the 2006 CGIAR Science Award for Outstanding Scientific Support, the 2005 Outstanding Academic / Research Librarian of the Year given by the Philippine Association of Academic and Research Libraries, 2005 Outstanding Librarian Award from the Agricultural Librarians Association of the Philippines; for sharing her expertise and knowledge through published works and papers delivered at international and local conferences; and as one of the collaborators of the world’s most comprehensive bibliography of technical rice literature.

News Clipping
Source: IRRI Bulletin no. 2009.45

Laguna educators attend CERS-sponsored librarianship seminar

More than 60 public school teachers, librarians, and principals from Bay, Los BaƱos, Pila, Rizal, Pangil, and Pakil towns attended the Practical School Librarianship Seminar held at Khush Hall on 18 November.

Mila Ramos, IRRI’s chief librarian, served as resource person for the seminar. Topics covered were organizing a library’s collection, marketing a library, content development in school libraries, and services expected of librarians. Ms. Ramos also provided the participants with a list of free sources of e-books as well as Web sites offering free resources or books.

Ms. Ramos also offered free tutorials to the attendees on cataloguing and best library practices. The participants were later given a tour of the IRRI Library.

The seminar was sponsored by CERS in coordination with the Department of Education-Region IV.

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