Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010 PLAI National Congress

The PLAI National Congress will be on November 17-19, 2010 at the WaterFront Cebu City Hotel, Cebu City. The theme for this year is "National Congress on International Librarianship : a Path Ahead".


at the end of the three days conference, the participants should have been able to:

- be more cognizant in the promotion of global and international cooperation;
- know the other dimensions and importance of international librarianship;
- make the public aware of the importance and benefits that can be derived from international librarianship thru international understanding and cooperation;
- promote service to clients in an international scale;
- gain knowledge on international librarianship; and
- know the current status and inter-relationship of different types of libraries and librarians


Session 1 - Global Librarianship : Issues and Trends the Philippine Experience by Ms Salvacion M. Arlante, Library Director, University of the Philippines Diliman Library

Session 2 - Legal Issues Affecting Philippine Librarianship by Prof. Antonio M. Santos, Law Librarian, UP Law Library

Session 3 - Legal Issues Affecting Global/International Librarianship by Prof. Jules Winterton, President, International Association of Law Libraries

Session 4 - Access to Information : Barriers and Responsibilities by Dir. Barbara Jones, University Librarian

Session 5 - Partnership in Professional Development for Librarians by Dir. Barbara Ford, Director, Mortenson Center for International Library Programs

Session 6 - Global Linkages : Challenges an Opportunies by Ms Ngian Lek Choh, Immediate Past President, Library Association of Singapore

Session 7 - Pathfinders Database : National Library Board (NLB) Experience

Session 8 - Trends in Curriculum Development : The Philippine Experience by Dean Vyva Victoria M. Aguirre, UP-School of Library and Information Studies

Session 9 - Library International Outreach Program by Mr. Michael Dowling/Prof. John Latham, ALA/SLA, Director, International Relations Office

Session 10 - PLAI and CPE Updates by Mrs. Lilia F. Echiverri, President, PLAI

Registration Fee: PhP 4,500.00 (no hotel accommodation). The purpose of this advance notice is for interested participants to avail of early booking of their flight from airline companies offering promo.


kaces08 said...

Are these the actual dates? I hope there wouldn't be anymore changes with the seminar date---in consideration for the prospective attendees who will do their early bookings. Thank you

ereg said...

Kindly post the program of activities also and the suggeted hotels where we can check-in. Thank you.

catherine said...

kindly post the invitation ahead of time in PDF so we can download and make our early letter of request to the administration in attending the conference.Those are the necessary supporting documents before our requests will be approved.Thank you.

reman said...

As of this writing, invitation for the 2010 PLAI National Congress is being distributed. We will post a downloadable PDF as soon we have received our soft copy.

reman said...

just download the PLAI National Congress invitation, program and reservation form at