Friday, March 25, 2011

362 out of 2,180 HEIs

According to CHED, there are 2,180 HEIs in the country today and 362 of it comes from Region IV. Among the 16 regional councils of PLAI, STRLC has the most number of provinces and from the table distribution of HEIs below, we ranked number first as having the most number of HEIs. Hopefully, CHED will also post/publish a breakdown of the table distribution by provinces per region.

source: CHED

Whats is the significance of the data as far as librarians in the STRLC are concerned? Initially, we have now an attainable number to reach to be able to finally identify who are the librarians employed or working in this 362 HEIs within our region. It is safe to presumed that the number of licensed librarians are far more than the 362 if there is at least one license librarian per institution. As per our membership database in the Council is concerned, only 1/3 of these 362 HEIs are known to us having an active members, while the rest of the 2/3 are unknown.

Finally, there is a need to generate a working knowledge of the total number of librarians employed, size of library collection, manpower, and other related information regarding the practice of librarianship in Region IV. A census type of research study will be an appropriate methodology to gather, collect, collate and interpret the gathered data which could be useful for any decision making or strategic planning.

Maybe a student enrolled in a MLIS program could pursue this inquiry as his/her thesis and apply for a CHED thesis grant or perhaps submit a funding proposal in NCCA-NCLIS. Any takers?

Click here for a pdf copy of Registered HEI.

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