Sunday, April 03, 2011

Travel Advisory - 2011 Summer Conference

Dear Colleagues:

The Organizing Committee would like to make your travel more relaxing and enjoyable. Be aware of the time schedules so that you can be with the group.


You must be at Batangas Pier at least 30 minutes before the schedule departure of SuperCat. Choose your desired Schedule of departure: 6:30 am; 8:30 am and 10:30 am.

Please inform us your preferred schedule thru email. Also, confirm to us if you wish that we will reserve you a ticket for the SuperCat and we will buy the ticket for you ahead.

The conference will start at 1:00 pm, soon after lunch. Departure schedule beyond 10:30 am may not be convenient for you as participants.

Participants are entitled to AM snacks and Lunch before the start of the conference on April 13th.

If you have any question, please call any of the officers listed in your invitation or send us email.Thank you and see you all at El Pueblo Rhizort for our 2011 Summer Conference.



If you are taking regular medicines, please do not forget them because we are in the island of Oriental Mindoro and your medicines may not be available there.

If you have some food allergies or following some dietary management, kindly inform us so we can help you.

Bring your swim wear because we will have time to enjoy the beach as well. For swimwear, colored shirt is not allowed.


Anonymous said...

any cp number of the organizing comittee, some of the participants might be travelling at night time and need some information that might not be posted in the PLAI-STRLC website

PLAI-STRLC Organizing Committe said...

Numbers you text/call during your travel for directions of going to the venue:

Rene Manlangit - (sun) 09225459655
Rose Villamater - (sun) 09228775910
Lilian Rabino - 090884719564

See you all at our Summer Conference!