Saturday, July 07, 2012

Call for Nomination - NBDB List


In its effort to promote the use of quality books and materials, the NBDB, in partnership with the Department of Education, will come up with a list of highly recommended supplementary books and materials. Teaming up with the Network of Outstanding Teachers and Educators (NOTED), the members of which are recipients of the Metrobank Foundation’s Outstanding Teacher Award, the NBDB invites publishers to submit to the NBDB books they would like to be considered in this list.

The deadline for submission is on 13 July 2012. See also the Guidelines on the NBDB's Highly Recommended Supplementary List and Nomination Forms.

Just wondering why NBDB only invite publishers to submit and not open it to the general public? Is it because of the fee that lowly paid librarians cannot afford? Or is it the NBDB or any of the proponent of this list think lowly of librarians that cursory reading of the guidelines didn't even mentioned the role of librarians can play "in making intelligent choices in the vetting of supplementary books and materials for use in their respective schools".

It seems the role of librarians can do "for achieving educational growth, for imparting information and for recording, preserving, and disseminating the nations cultural heritage" is far from the minds of our policy makers.

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