Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Heeding the call to move ahead: Recognizing the PhD graduates

“Education develops the intellect; and the intellect distinguishes man from other creatures. It is education that enables man to harness nature and utilize her resources for the well-being and improvement of his life. The key for the betterment and completeness of modern living is education. But, ' Man cannot live by bread alone '. Man, after all, is also composed of intellect and soul. Therefore, education in general, and higher education in particular, must aim to provide, beyond the physical, food for the intellect and soul. That education which ignores man's intrinsic nature, and neglects his intellect and reasoning power can not be considered true education.” - Haile Sellasie

Heeding the call of PRC-BFL Chair Corazon M. Nera who is often called Dr. Nera instead of Dir (meaning Director) Nera, PLAI-STRLC proudly acknowledge and affirm the hardwork of the following members for having attained a new milestone in their life through the completion of their doctorate degrees. Conference Chair Marcial R. Batiancila on behalf of the PLAi-STRLC family extended his congratulatory to the following librarians during the 1st PLAI-STRLC Research Congress held today at Baden-Powell International Hotel, UPLB, Laguna


1) Rosario A. Villamater, EDD
2) Aurora A. Navela, EDD
3) Gillian Portia-Dimaranan, PhD in Educational Management


4) Sonia M. Gementiza, PhD in Educational Management


5) Elizabeth Malabanan, PhD in Educational Management
6) Lindie Masalinto, PhD in Educational Management
7) Leonora Tiu, PhD in Educational Management


1) Mary Ann M. Ingua, PhD in Development Communication

With these undertakings and successful completion of their pursuit for higher education, may through this Research Congress, many of the librarians in the region be inspired to pursue their further studies and embark on research to advance the future of librarianship and information services.

Note: If there are others who may not be included in the list. please send an email to plaistrlc[at]gmail[dot]com

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