Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Special Libraries Association, Asian Chapter (SLA-Asia) will conduct a three-country training-workshop on the “Basics of Preservation, Conservation, Restoration & Data Curation” to be held on March 24-25, March 27-28 and April 10-12, 2014 in Vietnam, Laos and the Philippines respectively.

The main objective of the said training-workshop is to bridge the gap of learning by linking respective institutions through collaboration and sharing of valuable ideas and expertise in the fields of preservation, conservation, restoration and data curation.

It specifically aims:

 To provide training-workshop to better understand the theories and methodologies concerning preservation, conservation, restoration & data curation;
 To know the fundamentals, philosophy, latest trends, best practices & international standards of preservation, conservation & restoration;
 To better understand the trust and support of the respective governments in the field of preservation & conservation;
 To address the preservation & restoration concerns for archives; artifacts; films, tapes & reels; paintings & photographs; and rare books & manuscripts;
 To promote great interest in preserving & conserving National Heritage;
 To prepare participants in cases of emergencies and disasters

Highly regarded foreign and local resource persons will share their expertise and knowledge during the said training-workshop. Librarians, conservators, archivists, records officers, support staff, other information professionals and interested individuals are most welcome to attend.

Contact Persons:
- Shirley Ingles-Cruz
- Dir. Phan Kim Dung
- Dir. Khanthamaly Yangnouvong
- Ms. Ma. Luisa Madlangbayan

FREE -- SLA Members; participants in Vietnam & Laos
P2,500 -- participants in the Philippines (live-out only; food during the cultural visit is not included)


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