Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Librarianihan : Community Extension Service

LIB.COM -- Community Extension Service "LIBRARIANIHAN"
Best in Community-Based Social Responsibility
and Activity with the Best Positive Impact
Awards given by the MSEUF Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
during the 4th Rodolfo Alvarez Awards
14 March 2015

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rosavilla said...

"Librarianihan " is the community extension service (CES) program of LIB.COM, an accredited organization of BLIS students of Enverga University. It is linked with the CES of the University Libraries. Since the librarians and support staff of the University Libraries cannot do all the tasks alone, the BLIS students helped in "bayanihan" way. Librarianihan is not limited to book distribution and organization but also encourages high school students to love books and libraries.