Friday, November 27, 2015

Advisory : Librarians' Magic Ball

“Philippine Librarians’ Magic Ball: A Red Carpet Event”

Vehicles without a UST car sticker may enter either thru Gate 4 (Espana Blvd.) or Gate 14 (A.H. Lacson St.). There is an available multi-deck car park for a minimum fee of PhP 35 for the first three (3) hrs.

For those who have drivers, you may ask the guard on duty at Quezon Drive (Gate 4) entrance to let them thru for them to be dropped off at the BGPOP Bldg. The driver may then proceed to the pay parking. All this considered since the car park and the venue is one main building and a football field away.

For those who will be going by taxi, they may enter thru Gate 4, Gate 14, or Gate 10 (Dapitan St.). Just inform the guard on duty that they will be attending an event at BGPOP Bldg. by showing the event ticket or invitation if the guards asks for it.

For those who do not have drivers, we are sorry there will be no valet services for the event.

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