Tuesday, March 01, 2016

March is National Women's Month

from PCW website

Theme: "Kapakanan ni Juana,
           Isama sa Agenda!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 to Thursday, March 31, 2016

The theme resonates the call for gender-balance in leadership and decision making positions both in public and private sector; inclusion of women’s concerns in leadership platforms and the government’s development agenda; and capacitating and preparing women and girls to reach their ambitions.

2016 Theme in Local Languages
BikolKarahayan ni Juana, Iibá sa Pag-uurulayan!
ChavacanoBien estar di Juana, pone na Adyenda
HiligaynonKaayohan ni Juana, Iupod sa Adyenda!
IbanagPappakapianan ni Juana, Ivulun ta Adyenda!
IfontokEnkhawisan Juana, Itapi Taku iska Adyenda!/Itapi
taku iska adyenda nan enkhawisan Juana
IlokanoPagsayaatan ni Juana, Ikuyog iti Pagsaritaan
Pan-gawisan Juana, Itapi Taku isan Adyenda!/Itapi 
taku isan adyenda san pan-gawisan Juana
KapampanganIng Kapakanan nang Juana, Iyabe ya king Adyenda!
MasbateñoKaayuhan ni Juana, Iintra sa Adyenda!
MёranawKamapiyaan ni Juana, Irakёs sa Bitiyara
PangasinanPangkamaungan nёn Juana, Ipila ёd
Adyenda/Ipilad Adyenda
SebwanoKaayuhan ni Juana, I-apil sa Adyenda
SurigaononAn Karajawan ni Juana, I-apil sa Adyenda!
WarayKatungdanan ni Juana, Ig-upod ha Adyenda

Proclamation No. 227 s. 1988, the annual conduct of the National Women’s Month Celebration (NWMC) aims to give due recognition to the contributions of Filipino women in our society. 

Specifically, this year’s celebration aims to: 

1. create an avenue for women and women advocates to celebrate the gains of the current administration with regards to closing gender gap, as well as to call on the next administration to continue supporting the advocacy and prioritize women’s issues in various agenda;

2. present the achievements of the Aquino administration in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment, through the Report on the State of the Filipino Women;

3. gather public perception on what women’s issues should be prioritized by the next administration through crowdsourcing of “agenda ni Juana”; and

4. strengthen public advocacy on National Women’s Month, with emphasis on women’s issues that still need to be addressed.

Please visit the website of the Philippine Commission on Women for more information about the month-long celebration.

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