Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Reminders : STRLC Selection of NBW 2016 Entries

Please submit or turn over your NBW 2016 school level entries (Essay-Junior HS, Poster-Collegiate) to any incumbent/incoming STRLC Officers on or before October 16, 2016 in time for the selection of our region top 3 winners during the CBOT meeting on October 17, 2016 at NLP.

As per earlier agreed in the NBOT meeting, the more entries submitted from the school/college/university level of on-the-spot contest to the Regional Level selection of Top 3 winners the better.

Likewise, please attached a certification issued by your respective dean or registrar or chief librarian that the poster is the original work of the student and that he/she is a bonafide student of your institution. Group certification will do especially if you have multiple school entries.

For the essay, please attach a printed computerized/typewritten copy of the the handwritten essay of the student. Faithful copy of the handwritten original including the typo or grammar errors. The printed copy will be used in judging to facilitate readability but the handwritten original will also be presented to the judges for consideration of the other criteria.

Since we are press for time and the deadline for submission to National NBW Committee is October 18, 2016, it is convenient & helpful if said prerequisite are handy during our Regional Level selection.

Thank you.

Click HERE to read the uploaded General Guidelines for the NBW 2016 contest.

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