Tuesday, February 28, 2017

PAARL 1st Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series 2017

UPDATE as of 7 Mar 2017

Powerpoint presentation (ppt) of Albert Gavino now available for viewing / download at the slideshare account of PAARL. Download HERE (Note: need to login to your slideshare account or social media account to download)

Come and listen to Albert Anthony D. Gavino of Smart Communications Inc. as he presents his lecture on the topic "Using Big Data to Enhance Library Services", PAARL's 1st Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series for 2017 to be held at UP's Melchor Hall, 5F, Proctor & Gamble Audiovisual Hall, College of Engineering, on 3 March 2017. Please Take note of the change in venue.

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