Saturday, April 01, 2017

BFL-CPD Council Advisory

March 28 at 10:51pm 

Dear librarians,

I would like to inform you that there are programs conducted by CPD providers that are not accredited due to 1) lack of time between submission of the program for accreditation and implementation. The PRC requires 45 days lead time in approving CPD programs; and 2) Programs submitted for approval are not advanced (They are already covered in library school). In such cases, the program becomes a self-directed program which could be given points by the CPD Council upon evaluation.

May I also remind you to attend programs where you will acquire new information that will enable you to advance in your career and not just to gain CPD points. Attendees are now required to pass tests before they are given the certificate of attendance or completion. They are also monitored regarding the sessions they attended. The CPD points vary from person to person depending on their performance and attitude.

Thank you.

Lourdes T. David

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