Sunday, April 23, 2017

Note from the CPD Council Chair for Librarian

Info source: Ma'am Lourdes T. David fb post as of 21 Apr 2017

To all Librarians:

The CPD Council would like to inform you that the CPD points approved for the programs are only the maximum provisional points that you may acquire when you attend the program. Your actual points acquired will depend on your performance and attendance.

Performance is based on the learning that you acquired after listening to the speaker. You will be asked to answer question (s) after the talk. There will be no numerical grade but the speaker will determine if learning has occurred. If he says you learned then you are given the CPD point if not then the corresponding point will be subtracted from the provisional total. This implies that you must refrain from talking to each other so that you can listen and learn from the talks. Of course during workshops you must speak your mind because each one of us have good ideas to contribute to the discussion.

Attendance means you must attend and listen to all the sessions.

When you attend a CPD program, please remember that CPD has been made mandatory so that you will gain new knowledge and upgrade your competitiveness as a librarian. It is not just acquiring points for purposes of renewing your IDs. It is a requirement to make you better librarians so that you can serve the public better and be at par with our ASEAN and international counterparts.

Thank you.

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