Thursday, April 06, 2017

PRC Online Registration for eServices

If you visit the PRC website nowadays, the above image will appear as pop up window informing the visitor that only those with online appointment will be accommodated for 1) Application for examination 2) initial registration and 3) PRC ID renewal.

Walk-in without online appointment will be directed to register online. There are a number of computer shops will internet access in front of the PRC main office catering for a fee for this new online registration procedure. If you have a smartphone with internet connectivity, you could use instead your cellphone to register online. Uploading an ID picture is a must to complete the registration process and before you could book any transactions (e.g. PRC ID renewal). 

In the online registration form, there is a field asking for the email address and password. Do not enter your yahoo or gmail password. Instead create a new password merely for assessing your PRC account. 

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