Monday, August 14, 2017

Free ebook: Creating Data Literate Students

The chapters are:
Chapter 1-Introduction to Statistical Literacy;
Chapter 2-Statistical Storytelling: The Language of Data;
Chapter 3-Using Data in the Research Process;
Chapter 4-Real world data fluency: How to use raw data;
Chapter 5-Manipulating data in spreadsheets;
Chapter 6-Making Sense of Data Visualization;
Chapter 7-Data presentation: Showcasing your data with charts and graphs;
Chapter 8-Deconstructing data visualizations: What every teen should know;
Chapter 9-Designing your infographic: Getting to design;
Chapter 10-Using data visualizations in the content area;
Chapter 11-Teaching Data Contexts: An Instructional Lens; Diving Lessons:
Chapter 12-Taking the Data Literacy Plunge Through Action Research

Click HERE to download the free ebook by chapters.

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