Friday, August 25, 2017

PLAI Hymn Lyrics

Composed by Mike Cobaria
Rearranged by Loui Julian
Interpreted by Loui Julian and Michael Melvin Odoemene

Philippine Librarians Association
Hail to you as we go on
Over the world and field of information
You’re the light of hope for our nation.

Long live your name that you may be made known
May you reach that golden throne
There may be some storm but you won’t be alone
Lead us the way we shall be marching on

All we can give is but a part of our time
Your memories of yesteryears we cherish in our minds
Make us a part of your today and in the days to come
Let us be marching on ‘til the end of time

Throughout the world, your name we shall behold
All your dreams we shall unfold
Your precious name deserves respect and honor
We’ll be there to serve forevermore.

Let there be hope as comes the morning sun
And joy ‘til day is done
We librarians all are here at your command
Bind us in one, united we can stand.

You’re the one we love
The one that we adore
Philippine Librarians Association.

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