Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Quezon Librarians Association

Motivated by the Cavite Librarians Association (CLASS), Smile Cabana and Rose Villamater had stirred interest to organize the Association of Librarians in Quezon Province. The association was created before the Regional Conference and General Assembly to provide provincial representation on September 8, 2006. Invitations were distributed to all types of library, private and government alike.

To encourage librarians and unregistered librarians to attend the creation of the association and election of its officers, a forum was set and the theme “ Librarians and their Accountabilities: was established. The forum aimed to enlighten some issues on accountabilities of librarians.

During the morning session, two speakers presented their papers on “Accountabilities of Librarians” Mrs. Teresita Dj. Magbag, Director of Enverga University for Academic Libraries and Mrs. Ismaelinda S. Cabana, Quezon Provincial Librarian for Public Libraries.

57 participants from different libraries of Quezon Province attended the forum. Out of the 57 participants, 15 were registered librarians

After the Forum, Quezon Librarians Association (QLA) was born. Proposed By-laws was ratified and officers were elected. The elected Executive Offices were as follows:

President: Teresita Dj. Magbag
Enverga University

Vice President: Eulalia M. Zapata
Maryhill College

Secretary: Ivy Rose Y. Atienza
Enverga University

Treasurer: Miled G. Ibias
Quezon Provincial Library

Auditor: Manuelita R. Veranga
Atimonan Municipal Library

P.R.O.: Jenalyn A. Pancho
Calayan Educational Foundation

Committee Chairmen were also elected. Chairmen were requested to choose their members. Here are as follows:

Conference Committee

Chairman: Marietta Z. Enverga

Member: Maritess Lazona

Nelda Layugan


Chairman: Myrna P. Macapia

Members: Panfilo C. Talisic

Rowena V. Alvano

Emerita Lucio

Trinidad A. Imperial

Membership Committee

Chairman: Aprilyn M. Rodil

Members: Maritess R. Lazona

Erlita Villamiel

Cynthia Anday


Carolina B. EngaƱa

Rowena Alvano

Ways & Means

Chairman: Isabel Noreen R. Rairata

Members: Bernie M. Castillo

Jocelyn Gabriel

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