Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PLAI By-Laws of 2008

Last September 9, 2008, I received a "clean copy" of the new PLAI By-Laws which I believed is the same copy submitted to SEC. I read and re-read the new By Laws hoping to understand its salient provisions. I compared this "clean copy" to the "dirty copy" presented and approved by the General Assembly last November 14, 2007 at the CSB Angelo King International Center, Manila.

What I found out amazed me. Asides from the errors from the "dirty copy" which found its way to the "clean copy", a number of factual error could have been avoided if a soft-copy was circulated via e-mail (e.g. to Regional Council Chairs or members of the House of Delegates) prior to submission of the "clean copy" to SEC and distribution to Regional Council last August 2008. The lack of transparency (if you may called it) in "cleaning & clarifying" from the "dirty copy" of that photo finished product of November 14, 2007 resulted to a "new interpretation or new provision(s)" not discussed/deliberated/voted in the HOD sessions of July 28, 2007 and the whole morning of November 14, 2007.

The most glaring example of factual error that could have been avoided if there is no secrecy in "cleaning/clarifying" is the date when this new By-Laws was approved by the General Assembly last year. On page 14, Article XII on Effectivity says " Approved by the Majority of the members ... xxx ... on November 29, 2007" (underscoring mine). If in this easily verifiable fact is erroneous, then much more for the other long-worded provisions?

I agonized for days whether or not I will post this comments . Talking with colleagues help me decide to post it in the interest of transparency, good governance and efficient/effective administration of our beloved association affairs. I don't have a monopoly of ideas and thus by posting this comments, I hope it will help in the clarification/discussion that at the end of the day we will have a common understanding or interpretation of the new provisions of the By-Laws. I am doing this without malice nor to be "controversial". Aside from airing my personal comments on this issue, I would also to recognized the labor and hardship of the many member colleagues of the House of Delegates (HOD) who deliberated, debated and that effort resulted to a "photo finished & dirty copy" last November 14, 2007. The General Assembly unanimously approved this "dirty copy" as presented by Ms Mila Ong. The instant amendment introduced by PLAI President Mrs. Suzima Gonzales (as per PLAI Resolution of 2007?) was also approved by the body after some "officers intramural" in the session hall. The amendment favored the immediate past PLAI President as ex-officio in lieu of the HOD proposal contained in the "dirty copy" for the HOD Chair to sit as ex-officio in the NBOT with no voting power.

Click here for the scanned "as is" copy of the new By-Laws. Incidentally, I blog earlier about this drafting of new Constitution & By-Laws and some of the "glitches" i noted after it was presented and approved. Some of the glitches I noted have been rectified. Click here if you are interested to revisit the proposed draft By-Laws which serve as template for the HOD consultation, deliberation and modification which resulted for that "dirty copy" and eventually the "clean copy" submitted to SEC and distributed via NBOT representative last August 2008 (RBManlangit)


The author is an HOD member from 2005-2006, 2007-2008 and was elected as National HOD Vice-Chair in 2006. The term of office for HOD is two (2) years as per Section 21 of the 2001 PLAI Constitution & By Laws.

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