Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Survey of LIS Schools in the Philippines


The survey aims to gather data on schools offering LIS in the Philippines and their addresses, dean/course coordinator and their contact details, and number of students and faculty. The data will be used to come up with the comprehensive and updated directory of LIS schools in the country. I have consolidated the initial list of LIS schools (n =161) available in the Internet (from PAARL Wiki, PRC Performance of Schools in LLE etc). The consolidated list might be outdated (may include schools not offering LIS anymore). Kindly inform me of any corrections, such as changes in the name of school, name of schools NOT offering LIS anymore, name of schools NOW offering LIS etc.

If you are the dean or coordinator or faculty any of the schools included, kindly fill up (completely if possible) the needed data. If you are an alumnus/alumna or student, kindly forward this to you (former) teacher/coordinator/dean.

I would appreciate your cooperation in this survey.
Thank you,

Stephen Alayon
SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department and
Philippine Librarians Association, Inc.-Western Visayas Region Librarians Council

If you have further inquiries please contact me through
email/chat: stpnalaun@yahoo.com, stpnalaun@gmail.com
mobile no. 09194506688

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