Monday, April 03, 2017

Little Free Library Philippines

Little Free Library Philippines is a volunteer organization dedicating itself to developing the culture of reading in the Philippine Context.

LFL Philippines is managed by a core of volunteers led by Miguel Z. Patolot with Jean Karl Gaverza, Zenaida Brandares, Chic Victoria, Flordeliz Patolot, Rose Nishikawa, Troy Lacsamana, Michelle Agas, Julie Aparato, and Portia Padilla, experts in the field of education and literacy.

LFL Philippines has to-date 27 stewards and 20 partners’ organization. The goal is to break the 1,000 LFLs target before the end of 2016, including pledges and commitments.

The LFL Philippines aims to be registered as an enterprise early in 2017 drawing from the experience of LFL in the last two-and-a-half years with sustainability as a goal.

LFL units are conceived to operate on their own taking into account location, resources and literacy needs.

The LFLs are mostly self-built with designs that adhere to the culture of where they are posted. An example of this trend is the LFLs built in the Philippine island of Batanes where the Ivatans, the indigenous people of Batanes, created their own LFLs based on the culture of the island.
Public and private schools likewise play a vital role in enhancing the LFL growth through the building of little libraries both in the classrooms and homes of the students.

The school serves as hubs for receiving books, grassroots publishing, storage centers, knowledge transfer, and forum among others. The school also serves as community center for adult learning.
This trend is expected to grow as schools, more than local government units, enhance their role as learning hubs for senior citizens, persons with disability and children in areas of conflict.

Contact us for details on how you can put up a Little Free Library in your community!

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